Concrete Repair Edmonton

Concrete Repair & Resurfacing Services

We offer a variety of Concrete repair, resurfacing and slab-cutting services for your  construction project. We provide everything you need to fix and level your concrete surfaces. ECA takes pride in providing concrete results to customers by installing and repairing surfaces quickly and affordably.

Concrete Repair Edmonton

Concrete Repair

It’s not a good idea to ignore cracks in concrete floors because they can quickly create several hazardous conditions and liability concerns. With time and wear, the uneven surface becomes a cause of falls and injuries. Moisture and debris tend to collect in floor cracks, inviting microbial growth and health concerns.

It is essential to repair cracked concrete and faulty expansion joints as soon as the problem surfaces. ECA provides residential, commercial and industrial concrete repair services to the Edmonton area.

Concrete Resurfacing

If you don’t like the idea of completely removing your old concrete work to introduce a new and fresh design, the good news is that you might not have to. Many concrete patios, paths, driveways and floors can be resurfaced, saving you a great deal of time and money.

Concrete resurfacing is a great way to revitalize weathered concrete and make it fresh again. It’s a practical and economical way to increase the livability of your home and improve its value.

Essentially, concrete resurfacing is adding a decorative layer to your concrete work. It is generally performed using polymer-modified overlay systems or cement-based overlays. Polymer-modified overlays blend polymer resins with cement, sand and other additives, increasing its performance, wear resistance and overall look.

Another option is to install decorative overlays on existing concrete that’s in good condition. Concrete driveways are one popular application of concrete resurfacing.

A coating is applied to make it look like stone, wood, or whatever pattern and color customers choose. It can be stained, painted or stamped to mimic any hard surface.

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