Edmonton Demolition Services

We offer complete demolition services to commercial, industrial and residential clients.

Our services include site clearance and excavations, total demolition and dismantling of all types of buildings – commercial, industrial and residential demolition. At Edmonton Concrete and Asphalt we have established an unparalleled reputation for providing trusted, safe and quality array of demolition services. With our experienced demolition team, we have all the required know-how and equipment to demolish your site to flat dirt on schedule and safely.

We specialize in the efficient demotion of all types of commercial and industrial buildings such as factories, mills and chemical plants, warehouses, bridges, airplane hangars, commercial buildings and retail stores. We can also remove residential buildings – apartments, townhouses with finesse, and with minimal impact on the neighborhood. When it comes to concrete crushing, we have concrete demolition experts to tear down any concrete structure on your site and pound them into recyclable gravel.

Edmonton Concrete and Asphalt applies the most environmentally responsible approaches to work within a demanding environment and carry out floor by floor, long excavator, conventional and controlled explosive demolition.

Every demolition project is distinct but the fundamental processes, plans, and management are very similar and we have a wide-ranging experience to implement detailed plans to undertake projects on any scale.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you on your next demolition project.